Saturday, January 28, 2012


Juliette opening her presents! She even opened most of them herself...although it did take quite a while.... :)
She received so many great gifts! Books, crayons, clothes, gift cards, toys, and a baby doll...I'm probably forgetting a few things.

Aunt Janet made her this gift...It says I love to see the temple I'm going there someday.

Party Food.

Juliette's birthday colors were red, white, and pink and it was all about the cupcakes. We had red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, white cupcakes with butter cream frosting, frosted animal crackers (they're pink and white), valentine colored M&M's (also red, white, and pink), cherry limeade pops, and I made a huge cupcake for Juliette's first birthday cake.
Due to Juliette's ear infection and high temperatures this week, I wasn't able to get everything done and finished the way I wanted to so...but it all turned out great!

Oh yeah...I made cupcake sugar cookies and frosted them as well!

Pink, red, and white tutu for Juliette

After I made Juliette's tutu a week or so ago I put it on her and she did NOT want it on....and I thought-there is no way that she'll wear this on her birthday! But last night our friend, Lindsy, came over to help out right before the birthday party and after she put Juliette's tutu on she smiled so big and put her hands all over the tutu like she loved it...don't hate that! :)
She's standing all the time and has even taken a few steps here and there but isn't walking quite yet.
I couldn't fit this picture on the last post and I wanted to put it on here...We're definitely proud parents! ;)
Seriously... life can't get any sweeter than this!
My sweet baby girl.

Juliette's ONE! Cake Mess

Happy Birthday to Juliette!

I don't think she really knew what to think of that big cupcake. :)

But she didn't have a hard time digging in!