Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Go Cougs!

This weekend my brother graduated from WSU so we went home for a short weekend vacation and had tons of fun with our families! We visited my parents at their house on Friday and Juliette loved playing with Grandpa on the trampoline!

During the graduation Juliette got hungry so my dad bought her a pretzel...they sold food at the concessions during the graduation...That's weird to me.

Aaren almost missed his graduation by sleeping in! Thankfully my dad got to his apartment early and woke him up...so needless to say Aaren was in the last 8 of the graduates.

They showed each of the graduates on two different screens.

And there he is...

He's in the middle shaking hands with the WSU President.

After the ceremony Aaren was having fun hanging out with Juliette (which was really Aaren following Juliette up and down the stairs...and of course he was the best uncle ever after that) :)

And of course we had to get the traditional family pictures....One with Mom and Dad

One with part of the fam....

And then one with everyone! :)

Aaren lives right next to the palouse so we thought we get some family pictures.

And here is Aaren and his buddy, Nate. We had fun meeting Nate after graduation and we all hung out at Aaren's apartment, had lunch and cake, and took lots of pictures. Thanks to Nate for his help in  taking them! After we all left Pullman we went over to Bill & Melody's for a fun BBQ!