Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Fun 2012

Before the weather cooled down so much we had Friday night date night and dinner at a park  that we
discovered out in the middle of some grain fields. It's a cute little park and in the most random
place. We had our blanket out on the grass and ate some pasta! Juliette loved her life.

At this park there was this sea-saw type thing and a swing.

Love my baby-girl!

Hannah was letting Janet and I go through some things that she didn't want anymore
and Janet played dress-up with Juliette while we were sitting and chatting
with family who was in town.

So no...Juliette isn't potty trained but we ARE working on it.
And yes those are kitty-cats on her training panties.
Also, I'm not really sure why she's flashing me but isn't she

Yes, that's washable crayon! She was coloring in her coloring
book and I looked away to do something and I found her putting
it on like lipstick. Oh...this girl!

It's an apple slice. She doesn't like the peel on the apples so
she was trying to eat the flesh part without getting peel in it.

Friday evening Steven and Juliette set up "camp" aka put both of our mattresses in
the living room so we could have a sleepover and be ready for conference the
next morning. Juliette loved sleeping in the living room!

We also made homemade cinnamon rolls but I forgot to take a pic!
This weekend Amanda and Jason came into town and we celebrated our  birthdays
a little early. We had so much fun with them!
Saturday morning we went to the park.

We carved "puntins" as Juliette would call it. She absolutely loves pumpkins!

On Saturday evening we all went to Big Juds and ordered two burgers the size of Texas
(almost literally...they were the size of a large plate), Hannah came with us as well, and we
still had 3/4 of one burger leftover!  We also went on a hayride with the "hirsies" as Juliette
likes to call them.

After Big Juds we went to a straw maze and  finished in the knick of time .
It started to get haunted towards the end and I'll be honest....I was scared!
The people who were haunting it saw that we had a toddler with us
though and were pretty easy going. Thankfully Juliette didn't have
nightmares that night!

Baby Girl #2

I know I haven't blogged in a million years but life has been crazy busy and I'm just now starting to feel like things are slowing down....for a bit at least.  So for those of you who don't know, we're most definitely having another baby in Feb or March. And for those of you who do know and have been wanting some pictures of our ultra sound, here they are!

We're having another baby girl and couldn't be any more happy or excited to see this little one! Juliette already knows there's a baby in my tummy and is always kissing  the baby, (aka my stomach) rubbing  my belly, and hugging it.  She's so sweet.

This is "babies" foot.

And a side view of her head and arm up against her head.

Here's her sweet little legs, with her feet crossed.

And her cute arms and hands.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Go Cougs!

This weekend my brother graduated from WSU so we went home for a short weekend vacation and had tons of fun with our families! We visited my parents at their house on Friday and Juliette loved playing with Grandpa on the trampoline!

During the graduation Juliette got hungry so my dad bought her a pretzel...they sold food at the concessions during the graduation...That's weird to me.

Aaren almost missed his graduation by sleeping in! Thankfully my dad got to his apartment early and woke him needless to say Aaren was in the last 8 of the graduates.

They showed each of the graduates on two different screens.

And there he is...

He's in the middle shaking hands with the WSU President.

After the ceremony Aaren was having fun hanging out with Juliette (which was really Aaren following Juliette up and down the stairs...and of course he was the best uncle ever after that) :)

And of course we had to get the traditional family pictures....One with Mom and Dad

One with part of the fam....

And then one with everyone! :)

Aaren lives right next to the palouse so we thought we get some family pictures.

And here is Aaren and his buddy, Nate. We had fun meeting Nate after graduation and we all hung out at Aaren's apartment, had lunch and cake, and took lots of pictures. Thanks to Nate for his help in  taking them! After we all left Pullman we went over to Bill & Melody's for a fun BBQ!

Monday, April 30, 2012


April Adventures.

Juliette and I went home for Easter and visited with family while Steven stayed home and finished his finals and studied for the MCAT. Juliette was able to play with her cousin and it's so cute...they totally love eachother.

Easter morning Juliette woke up to these fun things. :)

We went out to my Grandma Peggy's house and had an Easter was pure chaos but wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else!

After we got back from WA, Steven took his MCAT and we all stayed in a hotel and played in the pool! You can't tell in this picture but I totally spaced bringing a swimmer diaper so Juliette had to wear a regular one (Shhh..don't tell anyONE!) and it swelled up SOOO BIG! Seriously her booty was HUGE!!

In the car I gave her a little piece of was tiny ....and this is what I turned around to find!

Steven and Juliette playing "horsey." She loves Steven!

The weather has been much warmer around here this month and so we found some new cute clothes in Juliette's closet.

Juliette was eating and my Mom wanted to Skype with us so I brought her into our room.

Because everyone has one of these pictures.....

This was Juliette's first time she went to the bathroom on the toilet! We're proud parents!!! Hahaha.