Monday, April 30, 2012


April Adventures.

Juliette and I went home for Easter and visited with family while Steven stayed home and finished his finals and studied for the MCAT. Juliette was able to play with her cousin and it's so cute...they totally love eachother.

Easter morning Juliette woke up to these fun things. :)

We went out to my Grandma Peggy's house and had an Easter was pure chaos but wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else!

After we got back from WA, Steven took his MCAT and we all stayed in a hotel and played in the pool! You can't tell in this picture but I totally spaced bringing a swimmer diaper so Juliette had to wear a regular one (Shhh..don't tell anyONE!) and it swelled up SOOO BIG! Seriously her booty was HUGE!!

In the car I gave her a little piece of was tiny ....and this is what I turned around to find!

Steven and Juliette playing "horsey." She loves Steven!

The weather has been much warmer around here this month and so we found some new cute clothes in Juliette's closet.

Juliette was eating and my Mom wanted to Skype with us so I brought her into our room.

Because everyone has one of these pictures.....

This was Juliette's first time she went to the bathroom on the toilet! We're proud parents!!! Hahaha.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

 On Easter Sunday, Juliette wasn't feeling well and she didn't do much hunting for eggs. Also, Steven wasn't with us because we were in Washington visiting family so he didn't even get to see her hunt for eggs at all. So I saved some and this morning we had our own little Easter egg hunt. :)
 Juliette was sooo cute! Every time she found an egg she'd gasp with her mouth wide open (she probably gets that part from me).

 This is our homemade green house and it is amazing! This weekend Steven planted our garden and we planted it early because we are moving in July and want to have something to get from it before we leave. Steven did a great job making it himself and working against the wind. I couldn't help much because I had Lacy and Juliette being monkeys.

 These pictures below are some of my absolute favorite!! She's a cutie pie!

We sure are lucky parents! This sweet girl brings us a joy we never knew we'd find!